Hard to believe we are at mid-summer dreaming on LBI.  How the time flies and how unique our current times have been and will continue to amaze us.  Most of the country is struggling while NJ is leading the way and staying on track with Phase 3.  On LBI we see restaurants at max capacity for outdoor dining, we see beaches filled with families, we see joggers and bikers in our streets, we see boats everywhere…. This is all great news for the LBI economy!  Sara, our daughter, and Luis took a ride on the LBI Parasail ride and it was certainly the highlight of our summer so far.  This is our small plug for a local business and they are certainly worth it with their outstanding customer service and state of the art safety equipment.  It is a must-do this summer!!!!


The real estate market for LBI and the surrounding area remains at historic proportions due to very low mortgage rates and a very low inventory.  When the list price is set at a proper number, we are seeing quick turn arounds with closings in every category of value.  If you are considering selling please contact us to discuss your options and our strategy.   With us you get 2 for 1; you get Lauras’s 30 years of real estate experience and you get Luis with high levels of integrity and motivation.


So long for now and please visit our website to start your research in anything and everything real estate and LBI.  We also have a testimonials section for you to review and see the value in hiring The L&L Team.  We want to hear from you on what you did this summer.


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