Welcome back everyone.  At this time of the year please thank and give a peaceful thought out to all our Marines around the world as well as all our veterans who serve our country.  We are also sending out an early warm and bountiful wish to you and your loved ones for Thanksgiving Day.  

The real estate wave continues to be strong on LBI and we have never seen a market as the one we are in now.  The inventory remains at historical lows, so if you are planning on selling soon or know someone who might, make sure the L&L Team is on your list to discuss options and strategy.  We do not have a crystal ball to see what the immediate future holds especially with the COVID virus resurgence and the post election events unfolding, but we remain optimistic for the real estate market as well as our nation as a whole.

With general warm weather, we find our beaches, restaurants and stores still active.  LBI has recently become more than just a summer vacation spot and we see more folks extending their stay into the fall.  And in case you missed it, the official 2020 Chowderfest Grand Champion is Cluck’n Crabs;  see this link to listen in on about this very popular yearly event that continued despite the COVID crisis:  https://chowderfest.com/2020-closing-ceremony/ 

On a private note, we have a new puppy, Charlie, that we got from the rescue center called The Animal Alliance.  He discovered the LBI beaches recently when we took him there along with Chloe, our 10 yr old Chihuahua.  And by the way, we noticed that due to the unseasonably warmer climate many folks were out sunning, fishing and splashing in the water.

Farewell for now.  Peace to all.

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